About Highland Farm

I’m Leah, and welcome to Highland Farm! Here you will find recipes and info on healthy special diet cooking. While many options are available for either gluten free or dairy free, most of the recipes on this site are both. I cook for many people with different needs and my recipes reflect this. You’ll find options for regular-diet folks as well as the gluten/diary free-ers, and sometimes low-carb choices as well.

My views on “healthy” cooking

There are as many “healthy” opinions as there are people, but here is what you can expect from my recipes.

Big picture: Free of preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, processed foods

Smaller picture: Most of my recipes are gluten free and/or dairy free, have good protein, healthy fats, real carbs, and do not contain refined sugar. In addition, many recipes are also low-carb (keto), though this isn’t my primary focus. I prefer to avoid xanthan gum, never use artificial sweeteners, and stay away from soy. While organic is my preference, this isn’t always realistic so I at least strive for non-GMO foods.

For gluten free-ers: One of my passions is creating gluten free foods that also contain nutrition! So often gluten free recipes use flours with empty carbs and little to no nutrition. (See my gluten free flour post.) Here you can find options with a bit more nutrition and great flavor!

I am so glad you are here, and I sincerely hope you find something helpful and useful to you. I welcome feedback and am always on the hunt for a new thing to create, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for let me know!

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husband + 3 kids




dogs, birds, goats, pigs


Washington state, Usa

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Highland Farm : A History

My great-great-great uncle traveled west in a wagon to homestead some land. As the story goes, they came to a spot in central California when the horses simply stopped, and thus right there was founded their 2,000 acre ranch.

Some time through the years their settlement was named Highland Farm, and the great great great generation passed it on to my great great uncle. He and my aunt were a fun couple, and many stories can be written about their life together on Highland Farm (and have), but here is not the place. I have fond memories of visiting as a child with my family and feeling like we stepped into another time in history.

They had no children and eventually the ranch fell into disrepair as old age struck its owners. Cattle and crops were a thing of the past, horses and chickens were gone and only old machinery and rusted cattle panels littering the hills remained of which once was a functioning homestead.

Eventually extended family had to part with it, as no one in the family was a rancher or had the ability to bring a large chunk of dessert back to life. We had a few big family work parties to comb through generations of belongings and keepsakes, cleaning it up for eventual sale. Being from Washington state we simply couldn’t keep everything, though even as a child and young adult my parents let me pick out things I wanted for my some-day house, and they are a treasure to this day.

I grew up on 5 acres, a farm girl at heart, longing to have a family of my own someday and a patch of land to fill with animals and gardens. While it didn’t happen according to my timetable (God’s is always better), I met my Prince Charming. My lifetime dream of being a wife was fulfilled, and a year and a half later, with a baby on the way, we purchased a plot of land as our own.

It had a very small house and a dilapidated barn, had been vacant for 10 years, and was vandalized, abused, graffitied, trashed, and neglected. With LOTS of help from family with know-how and experience, we re-built the house and brought it back to life. Moving in a year later, we named our little place Highland Farm after my memories of the original one in California.

Highland Farm started when a couple moved in with their baby. Chickens, ducks, and guinea fowl followed, then came goats and another baby. Next were pigs, a pet dog, guardian dogs for the livestock, and a third baby. We’ve had health struggles, money struggles, house struggles, and animal struggles, but life never ceases to be a comedic (if you let it) learning curve we never seem to round the corner on.

Highland Farm Life is our adventures – mostly recipes at this point but animal and gardening tidbits will come eventually. This is real life, and you’re invited to follow along!