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Welcome to my recipe box! Here you can browse recipes by diet or course, or search to locate a particular one. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Let me know, I love creating new ones!

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How I got here…

Hi, I’m Leah. What started my quest for clean, simple, homemade, and special diet recipes? After 10 years of migraines (many per week – it was debilitating) and many doctors who couldn’t help me, I wound up seeing some naturopathic doctors.

Testing showed a strong reaction to many foods, and I had to completely turn my diet upside down. While initially I had to cut out most of what I had been eating, I was able to get some foods back over time.

Those first months of learning to be gluten free and dairy free (among others) were brutal. I often approached meal time with dread – with so much on my can’t list, what on earth could I eat?

Slowly, over the years, I learned boatloads about navigating the waters of special diets. I’ve searched and found many options, so expanded my knowledge. I’ve searched and found no answers, so created. My recipes are a reflection of the past 10 years of searching, learning, and creating.